Red Rock Travel Group

Red Rock Travel Group ( is the leading provider of timeshare and travel club leads in the country.  They have physical offices in strategic locations offering discounted theme park tickets, highly discounted travel, and engage in significant online, media, and offline advertising that directs traffic to online websites or to their state-of-the-art call center.  One of their online lead generation websites is

They have developed a proprietary lead generation model and software for timeshare and vacation club industries. Headquartered in Orlando, FL, Red Rock has two offices and call center locations with an experienced, top-notch staff.

Founder and CEO, Jay Jahid, has been at the highest level of lead generation for the timeshare industry for decades having generated hundreds of thousands of tours and being the go-to marketing expert for the largest names in the industry.

Red Rock also has proprietary in-house technology that serves as the powerful data segmentation platform available and can be used to serve multiple industries for a variety of purposes beyond the lead generation industry.

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