Mission Tuition

Educating the Children of the Future

Mission Tuition believes all children deserve the chance to go to college. As parents and friends, the people at Mission Tuition understand the financial burden of a child's education can often seem too heavy to bear. For most, planning far in advance is the only way to be certain that they can offer their children this opportunity.

Mission Tuition provides a free and simple way for you to start saving early for your children's college tuition. When you sign up for Mission Tuition, an educational account is opened for you at Wells Fargo bank.

After joining, your everyday spending will help you save for college. Mission Tuition has partnered with the largest merchant coalition in America to provide you with the widest array of savings opportunities possible. Simply put, when you shop online or in person you save for your child's education fund.

The Mission Tuition program is as simple as 1, 2, 3; sign-up, shop and save.

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Our Role

At Cardiff Lexington, we acquire or merge with companies and raise equity capital for them by issuing exclusive, preferred share classes whereby they maintain management control. This provides management and investors greater stability and liquidity compared to traditional angel investments.



"I like being part of a public company, our partnership with Cardiff Lexington has been nothing short of great. They took the time to learn about my business and see the potential we have moving forward. I would love to franchise my restaurant chain and Cardiff Lexington provides me the expertise necessary to achieve my goals. Thanks, Romeo's!"

G. Romeo

"In our infancy stages, we needed money to expand. Partnering with Cardiff Lexington gave us a platform which allowed us to raise over $400,000 without losing control. Fortunately, we'd heard about Cardiff Lexington, and from our first meeting, we knew we wanted to partner with them."

K. Steinbach, AHI